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Custom Build

Make a House into your Dream Home!

Custom Build Process

  1. Initial Consultation

    We will meet to discuss your desires and goals for your new home. You can use any of our past or current floorplans as a jumping off point, bring us any number of examples from magazines or the internet or simply rough sketch your ideas on paper and our in house design team will do their best to combine all of your most desired features into your perfect dream home.

  2. Select a Plan and a Home Site

    If you have not already viewed one of our completed homes, we like to make a site visit to discuss options and finishes in more detail in an environment where you can see, touch and experience a home similar to the one you plan to build. This meeting may also include a site visit to your lot if you have one; if not, our in house realtor team will be happy to help you locate the perfect lot for your new home.
  3. Design Contract

    After discussing all of your most important goals for your new home in the steps above, we will then draw floorplans for your new home and have the plans engineered to meet NC Building Code. Each and every custom home by Satterwhite Construction Inc. is tailored to your specific needs and requests, therefore it is impossible to provide a "per square foot" price for our homes. We like to use a Design Contract as our first step so we have the opportunity to request bids on the project. We are then able to provide the most accurate price possible for building your new home.

  4. Final Plans and Specs

    At this stage we will provide a final sales price along with complete plans and specifications for what is included in the quoted sales price. We will then have the opportunity to add or discuss any areas in more detail and make adjustments as necessary.

  5. Purchase Your New Home!

    Once everything has been decided on, we will then finalize your sales contract and begin building your beautiful new home!